“Backstage” after a festival


Saturday evening after the Festival had closed and the customers had cleared out, the staff let in the vendors vehicles from the back side of the park.  I had closed up my booth at 6pm as instructed while my husband, F went to get the car.  He was near the front of the line of vendors vehicles and when he pulled over to pick me up with my one tote and a cooler, all the other vendors vehicles passed him and blocked the way between the vendors booths towards the exit at the fountain end of the gardens.  I was the last vendor at the back end and it was clear of vehicles and people from where we were to go out the back way, so he started to drive our car out of the gardens in that direction to avoid becoming part of the horrible traffic jam.

An officer on a bicycle came flying down the hill on our right saying, “Oh No……HELL NO!”  He stopped in front of the car waving his arms and yelling at us to stop the car, yelling we can’t go that way.  I told him out my window that I was a vendor, it’d been a long day and couldn’t we just go out that way instead of driving into the traffic jam between the vendors booths.  F told him I’d had a bad day.  He kept saying no, you can’t go that way, he and I yelled at each other some more trying to make our points.  He asked if I’d done the festival before, I said yes, he said I should know its always a madhouse, I said not like this and threatened not to do business at the festival again if this is the way they treat small local businesses, and complained again that I’d had a hard day and I picked up at 6pm like I was told to and I just want to go home, he said I should be mad at my fellow vendors, it was their fault I had to wait because they didn’t close up on time.

He ordered my husband to back up the car right there, turn the car around and get in line.  I asked for his name, he told me he was Sgt. L., and asked my name.  I told him I who I was

F turned the car around and we had almost reached the fountain entrance of the gardens a half hour later when we were stopped by another traffic jam, traffic was bumper to bumper.  A vendor who was on foot said through my window to me, “Did you have to stop right in front of me, I’m trying to get across here.”  I replied, “Don’t blame me, the stupid cop made us come this way”.  Sgt. L overheard me and got very angry.  He ran up to my window and told me he had come down here to tell the staff my complaint and now he had to hear me say that!  He demanded an apology and I said I apologize and then kept saying “I’m sorry” over and over but he kept yelling, harassing me until I felt like he was trying to provoke me into getting out of the car and assaulting him.  I kept apologizing and crying until one of the festival staff stepped in front of him at my passenger window and asked me what the problem was.  I told him briefly what had happened.  He asked what number my space was but I was very upset by then and couldn’t remember.  F told him we’d talk to him the next morning.   As we passed the fountain going out of the gardens I noticed it was 7:09pm.

We went home.  I was crying and very upset for hours.  After F got me calmed down he stayed up almost all night writing up his account of what had happened to show the festival staff in the morning.  I was afraid they’d kick me out of the festival for causing a fuss.  F assured me it wasn’t my fault and was very upset with Sgt. L.  F said if he’d treated me that way in public, he would have gone to jail and I had to agree.  In the morning when I went to my booth he went straight to D., the festival manager, to tell her what happened and what he was afraid could have happened.  F was very afraid there could have been a riot if either of us had got out of the car to argue with Sgt. L. Since the shooting of a civilian by a policeman in North Charleston a couple weeks before, F has been very frightened about dealing with the police.  He was disabled by the VA for PTSD among other things.  He was sure a riot would have occurred if he’d got out of the car to ask the cop to be more respectful to me.  He even said he was glad he hadn’t brought a weapon or things might have gone really really bad. D. came down to my booth that Sunday morning and apologized for the problems I’d had on Saturday evening.   The festival staff has always been very accommodating which is why I thought we could go out the other way the night before.  She said of course we could do that and at the end of the day she escorted us out the back way so we didn’t have to face the traffic jam or an out-of-control angry policeman again.

“Backstage” after a festival

The Logical Labyrinth

Do you like labyrinths?  They’ve always fascinated me.  Here’s a very basic overview.

The classical labyrinth is a  circular pathway with one long continuous path making 7 circuits.  From the entrance, you are led to the center with many turnings but no side paths or dead ends.  At the center you turn around and go back out the way you came in.

Labyrinths were prevalent and important in many ancient cultures.  They meant many things to many people.  Today there is a renewal of interest in labyrinths, you’ll find lots of information at  The Labyrinth Society and other guides online.

Here are some of the ancient cultures that loved labyrinths –

aaaaAncient Greece (2000 – 1400 BC ) ~ Labyrinths are featured in the ancient Greek myth of the Minotaur and Daedalus.  You can read all about it here The Minotaur.  Basically, the Minotaur of Greek mythology was part man and part bull, a beast that demanded human sacrifice. The architect Daedalus built the labyrinth to hold the Minotaur for King Minos of Crete.  Daedalus and Theseus came up with a plan to kill the Minotaur.  Theseus volunteered to be sacrificed, then killed the beast and escaped.   Read more about the search for the actual labyrinth on Crete   http://ancientworldwonders.com/minoan-labyrinth.html


labirintus3The Roman Empire (27 BC – 476 AD) ~  In the times of the Roman Empire, labyrinths grew in popularity as a design element in private homes.  Depicted regularly in mosaic flooring, the labyrinth was most often used for private meditation but also for group rituals.


220px-Man_mazeNative America ~ (1700 – ) The Tohono O’odham Nation of Southern Arizona have a story about the Man in the Maze.  It represents the journey of life, with major turns at childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.  The center represents death and the beginning of a new journey as the cycle of life continues.


Labyrinth-ChatresGothic Cathedrals (1100-1300) ~ While the original purpose of the labyrinths in medieval cathedrals is not clear, the church uses the labyrinth as an analogy for the path to salvation.  Walking these labyrinths can substitute for a longer pilgrimage.   Today ritual dances are performed on the labyrinths as part of Easter celebrations.  Read more about Gothic Cathedrals and their labyrinths at  Gothic Cathedrals


9d1038dd3d8e6216345a409760ce279cSpiritual people today see the labyrinth as a path to enlightenment.  Walking the path is meditative and helps quiet the mind, leaving the outside world behind.  When you follow the paths, back and forth, back and forth, your right brain activity is enhanced.   You’ll find them in gardens and parks everywhere.

Labyrinths inspired  me to draw a series of art cards (2×3″)  I call “Pathways” that are continuous paths.  I decided I wanted to go on a continuous path rather than in and out.

What do you think?  Do you like the continuous pathway or prefer to follow the historic labyrinth pathway in and out?  Do you like the paths that go over and under?  You can get free downloads of several of my Pathways series in my Doodles folder at DeviantArt 

Pink PathwayYellow PathwayGreen Pathway  Red PathRainbow pathStriped pathway


I hope you enjoyed my post about labyrinths.  A few of my fellow bloggers here on WordPress have blogs dedicated to labyrinths.  Here are the links to a few of my favorites. I’m sure they’d love to share their posts with you.

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Watch for my next blog coming soon…. “The Amazing Maze”.


The Logical Labyrinth

Mazes and Labyrinths


Do you like to work your way through mazes?  All those confusing paths, twists, turns and dead ends can be frustrating, but when you get to the end its all worth it, right?  Do you feel a sense of accomplishment after working your way through a maze? 

Do you prefer to work your way through a labyrinth?  All those gentle curves and pathways that never come to a dead end are very relaxing.  Following the path through a labyrinth is said to be meditative.  Do you feel  calmer after you navigate a labyrinth? 

Take a turn through my drawings of both.  Tell me which one you like better.  My next blog will delve deeply into labyrinth lore, followed by one about mazes.  So stay turned for more about traveling along a man-made path.

Mazes and Labyrinths

Psychological Blocks

Have you ever experienced a block against something you really want to do, but just can’t seem to do it?   One definition of “BLOCK” is to obstruct (someone or something) by placing obstacles in the way.  When an artist or writer suffers a block we tend to find obstacles in our every day lives. There are always other things more important than our artwork if we just look around.  We have to overcome this feeling.  For an artist, nothing is more important than creating artwork!   For a writer, nothing is more important than writing!  If you have talent, don’t waste time worrying about the mundane chores of everyday life.  Just keep creating and sharing the results of your talents!

If you find yourself spending all your time on errands, chores, or socializing on FB you need to change your pattern of thinking.  You’re in a block and may not even realize it.  You must overcome this and get back to your real life.

I found one way to get over a block.  I have developed a habit of challenging or daring myself to paint something I’ve thought about, but never actually done.  It doesn’t have to be big or important, but it should be something you’ve thought about doing.  Then you must set some kind of goal with a time limit and get to work.  After I get excited about my challenge and pick up my brush, there’s no stopping me.  I hope this works for you too.

The last time I found myself having a hard time picking up my paintbrush, I challenged myself to paint the full moon every month for a year.  I thought one painting a month, that’s not too demanding.  If I don’t do any other paintings except for this one painting a month, I will be accomplishing something.  I chose an image that I love to look at, something that’s easy to find every month and that I am attracted to.  I take challenges and dares very seriously and I painted the full moon thru summer, winter, rain, and snow.   😉 Not really, it rarely snows in South Carolina, but there were a few freezing nights when  my husband was good enough to start a fire in a barrel near me to keep me warm.

I got through a year of painting the full moon and have gone on to paint more moons, it has become one of my favorite subjects.

Please take a moment to browse through my Full Moon paintings and tell me which one you like the best.

You can order prints of many of my Moon paintings at Deviant Art and at my gallery in  Fine Art America.   Most of the paintings are for sale with prices from $240 – $550.  Let me know if you’d like to purchase any of my moon paintings.  Thank You

Psychological Blocks